TetherView provides custom, flat-fee private clouds that integrate the utmost in security, compliance, business continuity and disaster recovery.
With TetherView, businesses transition away from legacy IT into secure and efficient cloud-based computing environments.
At the core of each private cloud are Virtual Desktops, which provide users with the closest experience to traditional computers, all while achieving higher performance, enterprise-grade security and true, untethered mobility.
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    TetherView provides the foundation for cybersecurity, including a private, managed, and segregated custom firewall, advanced anti-malware and anti-virus solutions.



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    TetherView manages the setup and implementation of all private cloud environments with no setup fee and an easy, no risk contract.



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    TetherView meets or exceeds the requirements of the major regulators.



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    TetherView provides a complete private cloud environment including the operating system.



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TetherView Private Cloud is the most comprehensive IT offering on the planet. TetherView provides businesses (Enterprise, Commercial and SMB) with Managed Private Clouds which are hosted at two TetherView datacenters in an active/active setup. TetherView Private Clouds are built to the NIST/ISO Framework following the compliance requirements of NYSDFS 500 and GDPR (or other agreed upon compliance standard). The datacenters, users experience and solution will be both SSAE 16 and SOC 2 certified.

The user experience is delivered via TetherView Workspace. TetherView Workspaces provide users with Virtual Desktops, Mobile Device Management, BYOD Management, Application Management, File Management.  Workspace is capable of deploying a large number of access controls and includes true Single Sign-On for the users.

TetherView is the first Cloud Provider to compile a truly comprehensive solution, minimizing the number of moving pieces (Vendors) in an organization’s IT Architecture. The TetherView solution has solved for Compliance, User Experience, Security, Mobility and the evolution of technology to come.

  • Reduces IT Costs

  • Consolidates a Business IT Footprint

  • Provides Military Grade Security

  • Includes Backups

  • Provides Ultimate Mobility

  • Eliminates BYOD Risks (phones, laptops, tablets)

  • No Setup or Implementation Fees

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