We empower and hold ourselves accountable to deliver on commitments made to each other, our customers, and the world in which we live.


We respect our colleagues around the world. This respect is demonstrated by honesty, trust, and our willingness to face reality, learn and always improve.


We openly collaborate and communicate with our teams and customers; listening and partnering for faster and wiser business decisions.

TetherView is not just the leading expert in private cloud, but does much more – it’s actually a Digital Bunker™ that provides a comprehensive private cloud solution of security, storage and sharing, all seamlessly and easily. Founded in 2014 by industry expert, Michael Abboud, TetherView operates out of the best data-centers running on the best of breed technology because TetherView’s Digital Bunker is built not just for today’s business, but tomorrow’s business too. The reality is that every business is digital today — and that means whether you know it or not, your data lives everywhere.  That’s why keeping track of your data — and the security, compliance, performance and mobility that go along with it — are significant challenges for anyone and everyone today. TetherView Digital Bunkers are specifically built to stay ahead of these increasing demands.

We adhere to the highest levels of compliance, always. TetherView owns and operates all the equipment that manages your network so you can rest assured your business is safe.  With TetherView, your data never leaves our data center so lost or stolen devices are not a risk to your organization.  Your data can’t disappear.  We have backups for the backups!

TetherView’s custom Digital Bunker™ enables employees and all users to work securely from any device. Allowing you to control who, what, where and when your team works and accesses your most valuable asset — your data.  Anytime a user accesses a company system, file or application, they are working inside their digital bunker, regardless if they are in the office, on the train, on a mobile device or traveling abroad.  And we protect your business with our 24 x 7 Security Operations Center that monitors every action within your environment. We stand guard by adhering to the strictest security standards to keep the cyber attackers out, while you work to focus on growing your business. Sounds hard, but not to us. Our data warriors can get you up and running in no time.  With our transparent, flat rate pricing based on the number of users and storage needs, not only are we easy to implement, we actually can cut IT costs nearly in half for most businesses.

Experience the TetherView Digital Bunker™ and reduce IT costs, increase security and focus on your business rather than worry about where the next threat might be coming from. We’ve imagined a future that’s as simple as 1-2-3: 1) a screen, 2) a connection and 3) the TetherView Digital Bunker™. And that future is here.

The TetherView Digital Bunker™ is your comprehensive solution for IT security, performance, compliance and cost containment. Its tomorrow’s cloud built for today.

The Best Technology
TetherView consolidates the best technology to deliver high-performance Virtual Desktops and Servers.
The Best Contracts
TetherView is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.
Contract and billing do not start until the client has signed off on user acceptance testing.
The Best People
TetherView’s team is 100% US based.
We employ engineers for every part of our infrastructure (Firewall, Networking, Storage).
A primary engineer is dedicated to each environment.
The Best Pricing
TetherView’s flat rate pricing makes it easy to understand and easy to afford.
The Best Offer
TetherView’s flat rate pricing includes everything you need to safely, securely and efficiently deliver Virtual Desktop.
Including Business Continuity, Backups (online and offline), Firewall management,
Anti-Malware, Multifactor Authentication, OS licensing and more.
No charge for CPU, RAM or Bandwidth.
The Best Partnering
TetherView’s partner program offers white-labeled solutions, several billing options,
no setup fee, marketing/sales support and features an easy to use portal to quickly help your clients.


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