Fully integrated corporate Device, Mobile Device & BYOD Management. Consolidated, managed and integrated with the TetherView Private Cloud.

TetherView Device Management allows users to work securely outside of the Virtual Desktop from any device.

TetherView Device Management a simple and secure enterprise platform that delivers and manages any app or data on any smartphone, tablet or laptop. By integrating identity management, real-time application delivery, and enterprise mobility management, TetherView supports digital employees, reduces the threat of data leakage, and modernizes traditional IT operations for the Mobile Cloud Era.

  • Deliver any application to any device.

  • Securely embrace SaaS, mobile apps while supporting existing enterprise applications.

  • Give employees freedom to be productive while maintaining the right data security and compliance.

  • Simple self-service on boarding allows employees to self-provision devices.

  • Single sign-on that federates even the most complex on-premise Active Directory.

  • BYOD is as safe as corporate owned.

  • Geo-fence Everything: control who, when, and where applications or data can be accessed.

A Secure Digital Workspace

Provide security across your evolving digital workspace with capabilities that protect, detect and remediate against modern-day threats.

Mobile Device and App Management

Manage the complete device and app lifecycle with easy onboarding and configuration, device and data security, asset inventory and management, remote support and troubleshooting.

Engaging Productivity Apps

Provide users with easy, secure access to business applications for catalog, email, calendar, contacts, browsing, content, and more. TetherView provides a better-than-native email experience and improves employee productivity. Employees get context-based actions and notifications so they can complete tasks across backend business systems without leaving the app.

Unified Endpoint Management

Consolidate management silos across mobile devices, desktops (including Windows 10 and macOS), rugged devices and “things”. Reduce costs and improve security with real-time, over-the-air management across all use cases (including BYO).

Intelligence and Visibility

Get integrated insights, app analytics and powerful automation that improve user experience, help optimize resources, and strengthen security and compliance across your entire environment.

Simplified Access Management

Boost productivity and delight employees with secure, password-free single sign-on (SSO) to Windows, native, cloud and web apps on any phone, tablet or laptop — all through a single app catalog.

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