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What services does TetherView provide?

TetherView provides a full private cloud solution, with as much or as little additional support as you require. Our basic virtual desktop offering allows you to virtualize your desktop and access it from any device. TetherView offers server and application virtualization allowing businesses to access their files and applications from any device, anywhere. TetherView’s private cloud allows business and service providers to virtualize an entire environment creating an inherent business continuity plan (BCP/disaster recovery plan (DRP) that is easily accessible to users and maintenance providers.

How do I access my TetherView private cloud?

Each client is provided a unique, private web address to access their TetherView private cloud. Your TetherView private cloud is accessible from any browser, computer, mobile device or tablet.

How long will implementation of the TetherView private cloud take?

A TetherView private cloud can be created and deployed in less than 24 hours depending on the number of users, amount of data, complexity of applications and location of data. A free trial is available instantly after speaking with a sales representative.

How secure is the Private Cloud?

The TetherView private cloud is extremely secure, protected by sophisticated hardware and software designed specifically for business private cloud solutions. Additional security features can be activated such as two-factor authentication, location restrictions, and non-persistent desktops or user profiles.

What after-sales support does TetherView offer?

TetherView provides 24/7 via remote or on-site services. TetherView provides a very hands on implementation process to make the transition seamless.

How does pricing work with TetherView

TetherView’s pricing is simple. We bill for two items Virtual Desktops and Production Storage.

We do not charge extra for CPU, RAM or Bandwidth.

What certifications and compliance standards does TetherView meet?

TetherView data centers and the entire solution are SOC Certified to exceed the requirements of most US regulators including HIPAA and NIST.