The Privately Hosted File Share & Collaboration Utility Designed For Business

TetherView Sync is the privately hosted file sharing and collaboration suite. Sync allows users to store, edit, share files and create data rooms with government level compliance, military-grade security (end-to-end encryption) and full-scale analytics.


TetherView Sync provides a workspace within your secure
Private Cloud that can be shared as an attached drive or as
a link inside or outside of your Private Cloud.

Users outside your network can access files and folders by
using links. End-to-end encryption allows files to remain at
the same level of compliance, encryption, control and audit
trace-ability. You can share folders or individual files for a
pre-set amount of time-based on your needs. There is an
option to mark them as ‘read-only’ to allow users to view,
but not change the content.

TetherView Sync also provides a data drop only function,
where guests can upload files. In a drop only mode, guests
will not be permitted to view or download other files.

  • Live Collaboration

  • End-to-End Encryption

  • Security

  • Compliance

  • Comprehensive

  • Private Cloud

  • Provides Ultimate Mobility

  • Share Files Safely

    Maintain complete control of your shared files with TetherView Sync. Allowing businesses to collaborate and share data with a high level of control and accountability.

  • Pricing

    TetherView Sync is included with every Virtual Desktop. Stand alone Sync environments are available upon request.

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